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Need a Voiceover urgent

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Hi Guys

The rookie has been asked to send in a trailer for my first show!! panic has set in!!


Can anyone help put a voiceover together for me??


Something like. Your listening to On the Road Again with Richpickins on Bradley Stoke Radio 87.7FM


Also need a trailer to promote show eg


Hi I'm Richpickins, join me on Saturday evenings at 7pm for my new show "On the Road Again" for the best in Country,Folk & Pop music, Your music Your station Bradley Stoke Radio 87.7FM




Richpickins :D

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Voiceover sounds good what a great accent you have!!


Is it possible to have a trailer for the show??


Something like


Join me Richpickins at 7pm on Saturdays for On the Road Again for the best of Country, Folk & Pop music, On the Road Again with Bradley Stoke Radio 87.7FM,Your Music Your Station.


I'm away now until Wed evening so will get back to you then!


Thanks for all your help



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