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Top 5 Artists with the most number ones on the Hot 100 Chart


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Here's the artists with the most number ones on the billboard hot 100 songs chart.


5. Supremes and Madonna with 12

4. Michael Jackson with 13 (See Note 3)

3. Elvis Presley with 17 (See notes 1 and 2)

2. Mariah Carey with 18 (See Note 4)

1. The Beatles with 20


NOTE 1: Billboard credits the dual #1 Presley single "Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog" as a single chart entity thus giving him 17 number ones instead of 18.


NOTE 2: Elvis Presley's totals include pre-hot 100 chart number ones.


NOTE 3: Michael Jackson's totals DO NOT include the 4 number ones by The Jackson Five.


NOTE 4: Mariah Carey remains active for potential future number ones. Many experts agree that she could surpass The Beatles as the all time leader in this category. (NOTE FROM TOM: say it aint so)


References: Billboard and Wikipedia










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