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Wabbit & Win.


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Whats more fun than winning? We know.. Winning At Easter Time!


We have a package for all of you! We are giving away soo many prizes.. We have 3 prizepacks to give away! All for easter!


What are we doing? We are having a post-a-thon, All you have to do is post as much as you can IN THIS THREAD to win huge!


User Who Posts...

First On Page 4 Gets - Premium Membership

Last On Page 6 Gets - Broadcastingworld 4GB USB + Premium Membership

Last On Page 12 Gets - $25 Hosting Credit & Design Credit + Premium Membership


we HAVE to give these away! So get posting!



Double posting is allowed but only 5 posts in a row

you may post one word or letter or chat

no swearing

if you disobey anything above, you cannot win


Competition ends 26th March 2008 12:01am AEST.

One user per prize, winners notified by PM 3 days after competition ends.

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