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Event scheduler problem please help


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im using sam broadcaster from 5 days and i have add one event in broadcaster in list but it never play i set time to 7 to 8am but it never play


what it do it add in queue in bottom but it dont play it keep playing song which in queue


can any one help me to play that event everyday 7 to 8am which is religious speech


waiting for ur reply

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Simply make new event

Give the event a name

Choose "add files to queue" > "add file" (locate at your pc the speech)

Choose the Hour (example 07am) ... so 07:00:00

Now see the script of your event and change ipBottom into ipTop

Your file aka speech gonna load at the right hour in top your queue

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you kno what ? its working thanks one more thing i want to play my radio name every 1hour how its possible please reply ill be thankfull to you


currently im runnig this i have more then 5 files how to do that


PAL.loop := true;



// Wait 50 minutes





Queue.AddFile('F:\Malhi mp3s\01 - Character Dheela.mp3', ipTop);



is it k if yes how to add 4 more files

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can u please help me where im not able to understand ur post please

I guess my reply is written into right English

"click" on the link witch I provided to you ... and visit that post and look for the TOTH script

Please visit and read my sticky topics at BW about PAL scripts

You gonna find a TOTH script who make it possible to play once an hour your station call on top of the hour (TOTH)

visit : http://forums.broadcastingworld.net/showthread.php?t=7199

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