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VO Required For My Kids :)


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Bit of a sob story but I will avoid being too long.


My ex Wife is ill and for those reasons I have residence of my children whom all live with me, well like I said to cut a long story short she is getting a lot worse and so my kids thought it would be kewl to kind of take over the airwaves and produce a 1 hour medley of all their mums fav songs along with some good will messages for her to listen too whilst ill.


So I am asking for some VO's either produced or non produced to spruce things up and make it more professional.


I have done a load of things already but thought it would be nice if they had some that aint produced by dad lol. Remember shes my EX wife lol and probably does not want to have my voice on it much.


So if any kind hearted individuals would be so kind as too knock up a few VO's to help along it would be most appreciated.


If possible I would like the following doing (Pref in a Canadian or USA accent)...



1. Libby Kyle and Spencer tearing up the airwaves of the entire Vibe Network just for you MOM.


2. Warning Warning, Libby Kyle and Doodles have taken over the airwaves, listen with extreme caution. You have been warned.


3. We thought long and hard about allowing kids to take over our stations but in the end it did us no good as Libby locked us in a cupboard and they all did it anyhow.


4. your tuned into the world famous Karl Morg (interuption) ok ok dont hurt me... ermmm Karl stinks and is fat and your tuned into the world famous Libby Kyle and Doodles Morgan on the Vibe Network.


Thats all I ask :) I know its a huge lot but if anyone can help then like I said it would be much appreciated. AND if anyone wants to do some name checks like for instance Libby Morgan on the Vibe Network etc then please feel free as its in a good cause.


Thanks once more and love u all lol

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OMG thanks so much they are ALL perfect. I honestly did not expect such a response and Bill track 4 was fantastic and they were on the floor laughing at it lol.


Thanks so much guys this really means a lot to them as she has been extremely ill for a long time now and things are not improving at all, the kids live with me due to her illness and I try to keep her in high spirits for both her and the kids sake. This will definitely give her a mood a huge lift and the added bonus is the kids have compiled all of her fav songs lol


Thanks once more guys you have ALL been fantastic.


Bless Ya.


Karl, Libby, Kyle and Little Spencer Doodles.

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