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Regarding live calls on show

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i live in norway and for fun we run a radio in our collage and it work quit well using sam brodcaster last month we have bought





just for announcing between the songs or other stuff and its working good what i need is some kind of mixer which i can use with this so we can recive live call on radio live talk show- is that possible please explain how and what thing can help us we have budget 500 - 1500 usd


waiting for reply


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Well this is a bit late but here goes:


There are a lot of solutions to your problem, here are two that can work.


If you can dedicate a computer to receiving phone calls, you can use Skype instead of contracting with a phone company for your phone line. Just patch the computer in to your mixer and use mix minus to eliminate caller echo. Here's a guide for this I found helpful. Skype is great for this because it also allows call transfers which mean you can set up a sort of call screening arrangement. There's also software for Skype (http://www.prettymay.net/callcenter/) which lets you handle high-volume calling. Skype however does not issue SkypeIn numbers in Norway, but a third party company will get you a Norway phone number that can ring to your Skype.

If you want to do it the old fashioned way and have a real phone line, with that budget you're in luck. For a single line, buy a JK Audio Broadcast Host: it's the best of its kind in my opinion. This method is impractical with a high volume of calls. Also keep in mind that performing call screening with a Broadcast Host, while possible, will require some complicated mixing.


All of this is a bit complex: I hope you have a good board-operator, if not, try to find one!

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