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Looking for a intro for my podcast

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Hey there all,


my name is Steve and I am looking for an intro that I can use for my podcast @ http://www.djbearish.com.

The podcast is on the website and also on iTunes but can be downloaded for free.


The podcast itself contains dance and clubby tunes from artists like Pink, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Alexis Jordan, David Guetta, Cee Lo Green and so on...


I'm looking for a nice intro that I can play before the podcast starts.


Welcome to a new djbearish podcast, the hottest dance and club tunes are coming your way. DjBearish podcast - Enjoy the music, enjoy the podcast. More info, check http://www.djbearish.com


This is what I had in mind... Now if you would have another idea, please let me know, I am open for suggestions.

Thank you in advance!

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