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Would Just Like To Say Thanks


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To all those kind folks who helped me with some VO's for a show my kids put together for their mother who is sadly very ill at this moment in time.


I am happy to say that it went down very well and really made her day, and to top it all we had some good news today that things have finally turned a corner and she is starting to get a bit better.


I can not thank those who helped out enough on behalf of myself and my children.


Things like this are what makes you guys and this place the best.


Thanks from Karl Libby Kyle and Spencer and their Mom too.

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Thanks accepted (Y)

its the least We can do ...


At my Facebook I have seen this week that a USA contact - since 2001 - lost "everything" for reason that his appartement burned down "completly" ...

I have send a message to my full overseas contact list and received two replies of people who are in my contactlist of California and from the East side of the US ...

They both decided to send him money, I did the same by paypal

Maybe I reached only 3 people who where willing to send him some support ... but they did ... and thats important


There was even a bulletin of the fire at their local news TV station

aria : Lafayette, LA 70538

see the footage at this link :


He is the guy in a green shirt who can be seen into the footage

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