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Need your help and assistance once again please.


I Have been asked to present an extra show (very probably alot to do with finding BW).:thumbup:


So If anyone can help with any of the following it would be very much appreciated.

  • 3 at 7 with Jason Collins.

  • This is the 3 at 7 - Disco Heaven, Reggae Heaven, R & B Heaven,Soul heaven, Motown Heaven, Cool Cuts Heaven.

  • It's Hits & Bits with Jason Collins.

  • Were going back in time, as he goes to the back of the box its the Retro Chart Replay with Jason Collins.

Thanks again



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Otherwise I think Jason is "just a host" on that station ...

Is that right or not Jason ?

and if so ... are you paid to do your radioshow on that commercial FM station ?


Yes thats right GKR - Presenting and hosting for me is quite simply a hobby.

I am not employed by the station and host shows on a voluntary basis.


Whilst i am a paid Bar/Club Dj - radio is a where i like to be.


So may i apologise if i have misled anybody with my original request this i have since edited.

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