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Looking for music loops


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I need some help, I am looking for back ground loops that I can add to dry voice overs. I have a allot of SFX of bells, lasers, cars, etc. just can't find any music loops to add to my voice overs.



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I have a friend who is a musician and he creates AMAZING tracks that would be great for incorporating into voiceovers. I was actually about to make a post about him. He is not free but his tracks for the most part are reasonable. Just tell him what you're using them for and you just need a snippet. I'm sure that you will get a much cheaper price than if you were going to use them to record a song. All of his music is 100% original--no samples!


His website is millzgotskillz.com. Check him out and tell him L. from The Verb sent you. I have nothing to gain and I'm not being paid. I just think he is a great guy with a wonderful talent and would like to see him get more exposure.





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