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Shoutcast stream Rss File??


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Does any one know how to create an Rss file of the shoutcast stream?


I found something that you can use to embed audio on your site and when you change pages it keeps playing without interrupting the music which would be great for my blog Im working on to stream the station uninterrupted while visitors surf the blog. Currently it works with mp3s, youtube playlists, .xspf files and RSS feeds. I tried to use an .M3u, .pls, and .asx file with it to no avail and I also tried a .xspf and that didnt work either so the last resort is an RSS Feed for the shoutcast stream. Does anyone have a clue how to create one? I googled it and read that it was possible to do because thats how some stations were streaming to Sony PSP's but I couldn't find details on how to create the file itself.

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