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PK1__ DJ Stroomkast looking for stations where i can do live mixing

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I am DJ Stroomkast from PK1__

We have oure own radio stream but it's only for the harder styles.

But i do not only mix the harder styles, i mix from minimal till hardcore.

My best styles are, house, tekno, and oldskool.

So im looking for stations where i can mix a hour in the week live.


I mix with 4 digital decks en 2 vinyl players. And in not just playing records after another, i puth the records together so it is relly live mixing. So you never hear the same again.


If you are interested add me @ msn or send me an email. I will do a performance on a private server to show what i can do..


Hope that i cant find a place to do my live mixes.


Greetings from the Netherlands

PK1__ Stroomkast

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First of all welcome to BW !


Ever thought about joining one of these services ... They are made for DJs and can give you lots of exposure ...

You are also able to share your mixing skills compaired to work of fellow members

MixDJ (formerly known as MixUpload) :

link = http://www.mix.dj/

MixCloud is a community of djs and radios who have the same interests :

link = http://www.mixcloud.com/


Make yourself also a profile on SoundCloud ... These are all FREE profiles where you can connect with fellow djs, producers etc

SoundCloud link : http://soundcloud.com


Good luck mate !

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