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New Show in London UK, Needs your Voice!


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Im new, so thanks for having me!


Ive just been given a new show, based at LGBT people living in London. It goes out weekly in 101.4fm all over this city. Its already got quite a following! But i have no jingles,indents ect. Were a community station, I do it for free, so budgets are tight!


Can anyone help? I will of course give you mentions, and include your details on our website when its relaunched. We'd love to have you onboard.


The show is called prance nation. Go as nuts as you like with sound fx. The music we play is mainly dance/house music.


If I could get, please -


1) Your on Prance Nation, Gay radio for Gay London, 101.4 ON FM.


2) Dan Prance, is Prance Nation. London's ON FM 101.4


3) Prance Nation - On FM.


Thank so much for helping us out! And when budgets get better I will defiantly bear you in mind for future services.


Thanks Again


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Hello Dan,


Attached you'll find your reads


BUT ... I did also something that I don't do if I make a read ...

I attached also some produced IDs


I may hope you gonna like them all :rolleyes:


PS : see your PM for a "back link" to one of my profiles

Enjoy !

2k11 06 VOX Prance Radio ID03 - by GK.mp3

2k11 06 VOX Prance Radio ID01 - by GK.mp3

2k11 06 VOX Prance Radio ID02 - by GK.mp3

2k11 06 VOX Prance Radio - by GK.wav

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