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My Short Dry Read


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Hello Mike,


I'm gonna be kind :)


I surely do like the second (Poobah)

At that file your voice sounds most natural


Do you record the music + voice with a record mixer ?

If so ... I wanna propose you to do only one of both

for reason that at the start of the file you hear that the mic is open


If you record only your voice ... drop your voice and musicbed into your editing software (Cool Edit or similar) and cut and paste your voice samples at the right spot aka editing (adjust volume and any setting who can be usefull ...)

Add your musicbed into an other channel, adjust volume (compaired to your voice)

Check the lenght of your musicbed and/or of your ID, promo etc ... and make that every file who is produced by you is having a nice start and end - if needed add SFX elements or effects


I adjusted your file a little

I made an uplift of your voice - don't ask Me how ... thats my little secret

and made some effects with the start and end of your musicbed (as an example)


Enjoy !

Word_Grnd_Poobah - by GK (small edit).mp3

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Thanks Gkyle, no need to be kind - it's the only way I can learn this. Not being any form of radio person until I was in my late 50's, the proper way of doing things eludes me. This hint/tip will give me something to work on.

I use a Behringer 802 mixer, and MixPad (reg'd). I had demo'd Audition, and then got major cardiac arrest at seeing their "It's ONLY..." price tag.

As nice as it was, it was like giving a kid a Lamborghini, and he only practiced with a Yugo... It did more things than I knew what to do with...


Thank you for taking the time sir!

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I'd recommend using Audacity! It's free, and simple. It does everything you need it to do. Adobe Audition IS expensive and has alot of extras that VO artists don't really need. Best thing about audacity is, it is FREE! Just my two cents :)

Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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Thanks, JBVoice, I've already used Audacity. Does many things I wish MixPad would do (without having to load some of THEIR external software) yet I find it difficult to swith between bitrates and modes. My main show is done 32 bit - Mono, the other show 192 - Stereo. I load my intro clip, a song, jabber a bit, and then continue adding songs as I go. There are times I need to go back to move the songs around and Audacity likes to crash at those points, and I have to start all over. Sorry, sometimes one is under the gun to "Get `R Done..." LOL
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