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Free, open source radio automation software seeks feedback

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Hi everyone,


This is my first post here, so I'd like to be totally transparent and introduce who I am and why I'm posting. Hope that's okay!


My name's Adam, and I'm part of the Airtime team at Sourcefabric. Airtime is a free, open source radio automation software that we launched earlier this year (we just released version 1.8.2). Sourcefabric is a non-profit organisation that supports independent journalism through open source tools and support.


The reason for my post is to get feedback on our software - we're in the early stages of development and would love for suggestions to come in from the wider radio community. We work in some pretty amazing and often remote parts of the world building radio solutions for free media, but we also want our software to serve more traditional broadcasting models and organisations. Getting great feedback at this early stage is really important to us, and I'm hoping I can harness some of the great experience in this forum.


I really hope this isn't viewed as marketing or spam - I've got a genuine interest in opening up a dialogue between radio technicians/makers and our development team to try and build something that can benefit everyone. So... here goes.... we'd be thrilled if you'd check out Airtime and contribute in anyway you can - feedback, feature suggestions, bug reports - either here or in our forums. The information about the latest release, plus links to an intro video, download and demo can be found at sourcefabric.org.


Thanks for listening!

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Took a quick look into it myself. While it is very interesting and well done in its own right, I believe in its current core design it is off in a whole different branch from traditional broadcasting save for stations who have no interest in live DJ voiceovers or do strictly voice tracking. I'm not sure exactly what to suggest as I am not really a 'pro' and I am biased on the software front (I strictly use SAM broadcaster. Have tried other applications but have always reverted to SAM). But I am sure others will add their 2 cents.


Two features I have to say I really like are the event calendar and multiple user management. Those are extremely useful and wish they could be introduced in other applications.

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Thanks for taking the time to feedback - much appreciated!


A live/studio mode is on the roadmap with plans to integrate ability to:


- Remove a song


- Play/Pause show ( during the current track, with quick fade up/down )


- "Play-through" buttons for each song (Play-Play-Play-Pause). Auto adjust the expected start/end times for each song after play resumes.


- Add New Song ( could be used for jingles as well )


- Jingle bank


- Auto-stop toggle (either play tracks continuously, or with manual cue)

- Crossfade tracks


paving the way for Live DJ voiceovers and control... any other real-life-scenario necessity suggestions would be great. Just shaping the blueprint for this now.

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