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How do artists call an "artist drop" ?...


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Hi all ! :)


I've got a silly question but it is obsessing me :laugh:


I might interview some American/English/foreign artists for the first time in the next few days and as I am French-speaking, I don't know really how to ask the artist to record us an artist drop ("Hi I'm .... and you're listening to...").


If I say "Can you record us a drop for a station", would they understand ? :laugh: If not, what should I say ? :)


Thank you very much!

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Hello KT,


Don't shame yourself ... its a logical question ...

and not everyone knows what you knows


Its perfect ... Every artist (if English - from the US or UK) gonna understand the meaning of "artist drop"

or you can ask them to make a "shout out" to your listeners ... Thats sometimes shorter in time ... but you gonna experience yourself what they gonna do ...

(write both expressions on a sheet of paper !! That way you can show them what you mean)

Donc ... ça sera n'aucune problem quand tu demande une "artist drop" :balloon:

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