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GK needs Your Help ... for once


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Hello Everyone,


I'm in need for DRY voice-tracks from fellow members ...

the more the better :yes:


What do I need ?

a kind of shout out from You ... with your name

and in meantime you tell your location / country with a short message + included "GK International"


Languages : English or French


Example :

HI ... I'm "your name" from "city - country" and I wonna tell you ... stay tuned to GK International


Anything will do


PS : station owners who wanna make their contribution mention for once not the name of their projects :P


I hope that I may count to support of many members ... once I need some drops :rolleyes:

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As quoted into my request = anything will do ...

However I ask for real voices of BW members, who can be used as voice-track

Those members don't has to be voice-overs, everyone is welcome :balloon:

I can forge a clebs voice, i can do uk's big brother voice artist markus bently

Thanks for your reply :rolleyes:

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  • 5 months later...

Mea Culpa to Myself ... :\


In general if I'm asking something, such as shouts etc

I upload the results ...

So far ... pardon Me ... I forgot it


So to anyone who is still following this post, attached you'll find the results of your Voice tracks


Enjoy !


PS : if other members are willing to collab ... feel free to post your contribution

GK Radio - Happy Hello 01.mp3

GK Radio - Happy Hello 02.mp3

GK Radio - Happy Hello 03.mp3

GK Radio - Happy Hello 04.mp3

GK Radio - Happy Hello 05.mp3

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Here you go, hope this helps...3 different takes.



GK International.mp3

Mark Evans (AKA CountryJock)

A1-Country Radio

If You Like The Work That Has Been Done For You, Please Consider A Donation Here:

If I Did Work That Required A Donation, It Can Be Sent Here Too:


If you like Country Music...Feel Free To Visit My Station:


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