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Revised script for Male Voice


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MOOD: upbeat male, but serious hard sell . Any length. Thanks!



Fire Dog Services is a Bunker Gear exchange and recycling program for old, used or out of service fire equipment, specializing in bunker gear. We accept any donations of serviceable bunker gear for our exchange program and recycle any old gear that is no longer serviceable or safe into firefighter appreciation items. Fire Dog Services is a nationally supported and promoted program that assists fire departments struggling or in need. Please visit our website at www dot fire dog mascot dot webs dot com for more information. We offer free pick-up in some areas. FIRE DOG SERVICES-- BUNKER GEAR EXCHANGE AND RECYCLING! Contact Us today!

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Hi, How dare I? Honey I wasn't being disrespectful to anyone on here. Your right it is FREE requests and I appreciate any attempts made. But, at the same time, remember this is on Google and not everyone is familar with the voice over practice nor do I care. I must have missed the part where it says what not to say when describing your post. Sorry if I am being picky, I do not believe i was. I looked at some of the other postings before making my ONE. Others described Styles, Moods, "dry or wet" I don't know what the crap that means but hey If someone was willing, i figered it would be helpful to at least tell them my goals. or otherwise I would have paid someone to write the script and record it, but then again that's why this site is free. and just b/c someone cuts it, don't mean we all have to use it. for example, i've never heard a british accent commercial on a rap station. its demos, free samples at least thats what it said. so when i heard YOUR version, i made some changes and thought yah i'd like to hear a males attempt and maybe change the script. That's what I did. NOW no one will probably do it b/c they think i am being rude when I'm not. You sounded like a really young girl in my opinion and you kinda stalled on a few words. BUT HEY I LIKED IT! You have a cute voice. I just would like to hear a male. As I stated in the private email when I thinked you, your still welcome to use me for a reference. And as i stated, i do appreciate your time. Thank you. I've heard a female. I don't know or care rather it's hard sell, easy sell or sold with sandwiches as long as it sounds useable. i dont know why these Free sites people get so pissed when someone don't pay or the talents think the requestor owes them something. thats been my impression. if thats the case pull the plug on the free and go charge people and shut this down. That's all. It isn't the same script as before. just dont get offened doll.
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This is in an English accent and slightly authoritative but fairly hard sell read.

There are different endings to edit depending upon your preference.:yes:


I have unfortunately been in a semi serious fire situation, and very nearly passed out through smoke inhalation (IT IS BLOODY FRIGHTENING!)- so support anything that may help someone... anyone who needs help or equipment in any way.


All the best,



ab - firedogmascot dry english.mp3

If I have helped you with a Freebie- please be kind enough to add a link from your own site or blog to mine- thanks! http://arthurburton.net


Thank You!

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