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Broadcasting World Gathering


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Hey all,


I am thinking of holding our first ever (official) BW Gathering within the next few months. Since most of our members are from the UK, where would be the most suitable venue to hold a gathering? What location?


Unfortunately i wont be able to make it due to lack of funds but im happy to hire out a venue and hold a little gathering somewhere in the UK, just give me a suitable time, a venue and away we go! Also, let me know if you would attend or not.. :P


I may be able to make it to the UK at the start of next year due to some family members heading overseas. If i do end up going overseas next year, ill hold an event (and ill be buying the grog!) so you can have a chance to meet me and other members. Ill try hold some competitions, speakers and stalls to make the event more fun ;)


Let the discussion begin!



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