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Air Demo/Air Check Evaluation Please?

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Well I'm hoping to work my way up and further my career in radio broadcasting by getting my foot in the door at an FM radio station. I been into internet radio for 2 1/2 years. Don't get me wrong but it's the best thing for me to do is go upwards. I got a solid resume made out but I need to know and wanna be evaluated on my air demo. Let me know what you guys think

James McCoy - Air Demo.mp3

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First thing I noticed is that you said there are "commercials" coming up in the first talk break...... Don't do that. Focus more on the music that is coming up because that it what people are listening for.(you teased the music well just don't mention the commercials)


Also remove the full commercial from demo, this is your time to shine not the VO in the commercial, plus it wastes listening time.


For your weather one thing I noticed that I would change(only from personal preference as it will vary by what your PD wants) is to only give the LOW for the current day and moving forward just give the high and conditions for the other days.


Also for a Demo I'd add in more than just two breaks. Cut the music shorter and take out the promos and commercials and add more of you into it.


Hope that helps


- Tom

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