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How Do I Schedule RANDOM .lst Files in Zara?

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I have a situation where I need to schedule random .lst and. rot files in ZaraRadio. I have tried every possible method I can think of and, so far, nothing works. Have any of you needed to do this in the past and fouynd a solution?
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I dont get what you are on about with a lst and rot file?

They are just files when a list is saved, not actual music files but if you go to options and prefernces it should let you set your announcement settings or else just add the audio of the the track and make sure it is playing at regular times. If saving an lst file the songs cant be moved from one folder to another because the song wont play.....

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If you want have a folder with .lst and .rot files in and do the play random file event, that will not work as I have tried it as well.

One way you could get around it but is tricky timing wise, is to make a .seq file and right click on a folder of files in the files tree and insert as random track. Now taking a track is an average of 3 mins long, you would need to do this 20 times to make a 1 hour playlist (a few more just to be sure because Zara will stop when it gets to the last file in the list) and have that scheduled in the events. At the end of the hour sched another event to load another playlist. The other way is to have a .lst file with just 1 insert as random track in it (if all your mp3's are in 1 main folder, but it will do sub folders in this folder), but Zara must be set to repeat in the box at the top of the program and it will keep going until you have an event to change the list file. Hope this helps you get what you want.

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