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Hello Everyone


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Let me first introduce myself, my name is David & I am the Founder/Owner of Surge FM. The station which is launching in the next 1-2 days has been a long time coming.


A short summary is that years ago, I created a 2 site project dedicated to indie music in my tri-state area of NY, NJ, & CT. I finished both sites but never opened it to the public as I wanted to do bigger & better while incorporating artists from anywhere in the world.


I had a vision for a multi-tiered project which would be global in terms of its scope. Unfortunately I ended up dealing with a lot of flakes & have had too many stop & go's. Now I decided to just focus on the station itself which in the end was always my true passion of the project since it is truly about the music!


I look forward to doing this for many years to come!


Feel free & check it out at http://www.SurgeFM.com



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