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Fed Up !!


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Fed up with a Member on Here constantly Stalking me Final straw was Being followed on twitter.


So i sent a Message on here.... I think im quite right in what i said!


Had to block you on twitter as well as Here Im NOT intrested In the BILE that you Spout You have ruined what i thought was a Great hobby!!


Hope You find solstice in whatever crusade u think is best!! But hey The US is a Crazy Country!


Dont ever think for one minute im asking forgiveness and by all means report this as an abusive message You will find it aint!


Im Moving on Now By DJ'ing for another station who Obviously Value me higher than Cretins like You!


STOP Thinking you are above Everyone else and Life will be Fine Until you realise this You will only Keep making a Fool out of Yourself!


Ha Bum HUG




Just cant be Doing with Stress from 2 bit idiots!!

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hmmmm ... whats going on Gary ?

Looks that you attracts lots of negative energy ...

If people are followed at the www already for any reason possible, than its time to delete some of those accounts


Maybe thats the reason that I'm only registrated at some sites who are having my interests

Its about 2 Years ago that I deleted several online profiles ... At a moment it looks that those "old" profiles are kept on surfing around at the net ... but without any new and fresh fuel ...

Its like a ghostship on open sea ....


I don't know "where or what" concerning your situation but if I would be you ... its about time to ignore some spots at the internet ...

don't see this as a "run away" from spots ... but as an adult behaviour among people who do have an attitude of a 6 years old child.

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