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Mobile Disco Intro

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I was dredding somebody asking for a script because I don't have a clue, thats the problem! lol! Something like http://www.yourdjdrops.com/category/?cid=2 (Dramatic Intro #1 or #2) streched out over a minuet. But instead of "he" it would be "they" and the name of South Wales Roadshow.

I am fully open to ideas regarding to the script though, its just something to get people excited about whats about to come.


I hope that helps a little bit.



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Dear Shaun,


Anyway ... We don't have to search the script ...

You have to write your own script ... remember ... FREE voice-overs, and these can only being made "with" a proper script

Concerning :

After this, I am looking to pay for a couple of other things to be recorded so the best will also get that work too.

This is what We hear very often at BW ... please don't make promises ...

but provide a real script


PS :

Concerning your main idea :

(Dramatic Intro #1 or #2)

Take a look at the basic price ... a custom intro costs "at least" 15 $ (for a 30 second edit)

What you are asking has to be done by Us for free :balloon:

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May be you can get a real script from customdjdrops.com

Just check their website and make contact with them.


Thanks for bumping a topic up from nearly 4 years ago. Im sure the OP will see this and be happy he waited 4 years for a script.


Please don't advertise your services. You have been warned mate :)

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