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Station id with fx

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Hi Guys im looking for a station id with sound fx saying (across the west midlands on 87.9 fm this is fusion fm) all im looking for is a free jingels cheeky i know but if i get the right station id i will order a full jingel package from you i have been looking at airmedia package but if some one send me the id and can ofer me a package like wont they can i will order from you


thanks guys

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Except the free packages of AirMedia nobody gonna offer you 'free' packages of SFX elements

All these packages are costing a lot of money

and afterall you can find on the www many elements for free

All We can do is to offer you a free read


For once I made something more for you

Attached my read ...


If You like what you hear ... reply, hit the "rep" star or hit the "donate" button

2k11 07 Fusion FM - by GK.wav

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With 50£ you can do already "something" ...

but full packages do cost more

I redirect people always to Sound Ideas :

see : http://www.sound-ideas.com/

Take a look at their website and discover some of the possebilities (see production elements)

thanks GYIye im not looking for free jingels at all just wont a little taster of want people can offer me im looking to pay around £50 for a package i do like the voice but could you send me a taster of some of your fx it there too

About AirMedia (BW member)

check his website http://www.air-media.co.uk/

Tell him you are a BW member ... He is also from the UK (Halifax) and maybe he can manage some custom production elements for you

I'm sure if you have 50£ available you are able to buy some produced SFX elements

see : http://www.air-media.co.uk/products.html

Good luck !

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