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I am going to use these on my talk show I do on 970 - WMAY in Springfield, IL. (Afternoon drive - 3p-6p)


You can hear some podcasts of the show on their website... www.wmay.com - MY NAME IS KRAMER.


These are going to be for a new segment on news ABOUT THE SHOW that run at the top of each hour:


(If someone is really good at reading them, I would consider putting someone on a small retainer to update them a few times a week. I think that would sound great and it would be worth paying a small f$$.)


(Very big announcer voice. Go old school if you want. Very boisterous and OFFICIAL.)


*) It's time for the Outlaw Radio News - News about what happens on and off the Kramer Show


*) Because he doesn't talk about himself enough - WE do it for him. It's time for a Kramer Show news update


*) When it happens on or off the Kramer show - we'll be there.


*) The Outlaw news department. When some shit goes down on the Kramer Show, we'll be there.





Have fun with it guys, and I will be more than glad to do some voice stuff for you anytime!!

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