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hello i need radio jingels


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hello my name ernesto davidov from israel

and i have radio station Called pulse-fm

How about you make me some jingles

OK. So I would be very happy


1.You listen to radio pulse-fm israel 24/7 non stop music

2.You listen to radio pulse-fm.co.il (Do not forget co.il)

3.pulse-fm.co.il (Do not forget co.il)

4.pulse-fm radio with you 24/7

5.pulse-FM radio in your rhythm

6.Maximum Music with Mr. Ernesto every night at 8:00 in pulse-fm.co.il (Do not forget co.il)



Very big thanks to those who help:thumbup:

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I think the reason no one is responding is because a normal free request is for 1 or maybe 2 recorded lines...you are looking for 6 & seem to be in a hurry. Sorry if this is blunt, but we've had too many "hit & run" requests lately, where people join Broadcasting World, get their free voiceover & leave without ever contributing to the community, or promising to come back & pay for more lines but disappear.
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My station mainly deals with electronic music Techno Trance Dance House and especially pop

I have been on the radio has been 4 years I am 17 and I really like this whole field of radio

So I opened a station called pulse-fm I and broadcasters which broadcast music around the clock

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