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hello everyone,


we usaly use sam for are radio station but we bought a mixing desk and where looking to no if there is any radio software are any software that we can buy and use with a mixing desk that we can control voloume control on the software? and be fit to play music on it also, if not that is ok! are if anyone nose anyway till fix sam up to be fit to do this? would be great help!!!


thanks :)


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Hello Danny,

I'm not Mr technical ... I know not that much about it

One thing I know ... If you use BPM Studio (or similar software/hardware) it is possible to use it with a mixer

At shops where you can buy studio gear you have to find also ready to use hardware who is similar to what you are looking for

Check some of the excisting studio gear :





I hope a fellow member - with better technical skills - is able to help you

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I agree with GKIye ...

You might also want to look at things like The Mixtrack pro, NS7 or if you're looking something with a smaller budget, a hercules console would do the job..

Most of this gear already comes in with software and you're able to control pretty much anything on it..

Hope it helps :)


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