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Shoutcast management panel

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Currently I'm using SMI (http://sourceforge.net/projects/smi/) as our shoutcast management panel,


Whilst is it relatively simple and free, it is rock solid. However, the project appears to be dead I'm afraid


So, on the hunt for alternatives


Centova and WHMSonic have both been trialled unsucesfully and both support desks provide abysmal support even on a server that has all their requirements, so that's them ruled out, and reports of this poor level of service are littered over various forums


SCPanel provides little extra functionality over SMI, so I'm not willing to pay a monthly subscription for that particular offering


Does anyone have any alternatives (Either free or reasonably priced) to any of those mentioned above? I've spent countless hours looking on google to no avail so I'm hoping someone on here knows of a hidden gem!




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Centova is by far the most user friendly , feature packed , reliable and useful panel that i know of, right now i wouldn't choose anything else.




Agreed, however it does come with a price tag...SMI is free

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I am also using Centova and for the asking price it seems like a bargain. They also offer support but not live one. You have to submit a support ticket and they will get back to you. This is the only way I managed to get them to fix my problem.
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I'm having a play with SMI but I can't get my head around one of the settings

- Create tables from create.sql, save db settings to config.php and general settings to config table,

I have created the DB tables from create.sql but I don't understand the following 2 items.


If I try to create a server I get 'Server configuration file is missing: /var/www/html/stream/servers/8000SERVER.conf' so it must be something related to config.php, which I don't seem to have or its not being created, I would guess.


Can anyone help please?

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