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YouTube to sam brodcaster

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If only Sam broadcaster was THAT Advanced but it Isnt!


Sam only Plays mp3 wav and wma files ... it cant Play FLAC or AAC and Definatley wouldnt be able to Play FLV files at all so you can see the problem with what you are trying achieve.

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If only Sam broadcaster was THAT Advanced but it Isnt!
Well, then tell me one piece of broadcast software in that price range that can play FLASH videos.


None comes to my mind.

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Honestly I don't think it is possible

or you can link a second pc with the soundcard to your line input of SAM

Than it would be possible to mix the audio in between the sheduled playlist


Accept ... this is just my 2 cents of a solution

Good luck, and I hope it can be solved



This is what I was going to recommend. I did actually, but my phone must've not submitted the post...haha!

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Set your computer's mixer settings to Stereo Mix. Go to your SAM's mic settings and click Config. Make sure your "Record Soundcard Device" is set to Stereo Mix. Now when playing any audio from other sources like online content, hold the mic button down or keep it in "lock talk" and it will play any audio.


You can also use this same setting when using SKYPE for interviews with people or bands overseas. Just open your SKYPE and make sure your SAM and computer settings are set for Stereo Mix or your listeners will only hear one side of the conversation.

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if you encode from your soundcards output (sometimes known as stereo mix, rec. playback or similar) you can stream all sound from your computer but remember to turn off windows sounds and any messanger alerts etc..


Simplecast or Edcast is a good solution for doing this as it allows you to use any dj software you like rather than sticking with SAM (which in my opinion is awful for live DJs)



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