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Problem with the new microphone


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Hello I bought today Microphone Samson r10s sample

I have a problem with when I'm recording or talking to him

Hear only the left

I have operating system Windows 7

Does anyone have any idea how I solve the problem







Thanks for helpers

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Hi there,


The obvious thing is to make sure the small stereo jack (if it isn't stereo, that will be your problem!) that plugs in to your computer is pluggged in fully and properly- don't force it by the way, you can cause damage.


The other is the windows mixer, look for the speaker icon on the toolbar, and click options, properties> record, and make sure the balance control is not all over on one channel (left or right).


I am using XP, but it will be similar in Windows 7.


Then there is the options you have set in your actual recording software- that is unkown?

Good luck,


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Thank You!

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