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NEW Members - Unlock MP3 link


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Please be sure to avoid any waiting untill a voice-over member replies to your post


As new member you have to make a specific amount of posts, before you can unlock the link to your file

You don't have to make posts, one after the other - because that looks as spam to Us

To Us, members who are daily online at the forum, it is a way to say :

You're welcome but accept that We don't do freebies for fun only ...

We are looking forward that new members become contributors to the general forum of BW


If this deal looks fine to you, post a request for a free read


Be sure you are using proper English, and don't use :

"Rite, We R TTTom and Thomas and We R there 4U ...."

These days it ain't the 80s anymore ... and no voice-over is able to sample his voice while making a read ... at that moment We are talking about a "production" of a read


Because of many abuses made by others ... new members have to accept this

At BW We don't like to write or talk about rules ... but for reason that some new members do have a "pick and run" attitude it can harm people like you

errr .. i need 10 post or greater only can unlock the link rite ?? :(

Details about proper English can be found here

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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