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Alien fx


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Pitty for you ... Your posts has been already reported to the Admins


Sharing one SFX element can be "maybe" accepted ... but a complete package offered as direct download link is completly wrong


If you wanna share SFX elements, drums, bases, drones etc ... its a better idea to open an own topic where you are making regular updates ... (you can make to each post a maximum of 5 files)

But at that moment you have to mention the original source / producer or owner (so far the elements/loops are made by someone else than you)

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Hello Dennus,

This is for a part the problem

see this search result to his topics :



As member of BW its more likely to write English - as foreigner = with or without faults ain't a problem, nobody is perfect

but to every user at a forum, English can be understood, the same is done by members from France, Pakistan or whatever region at the World

If We know that a member is not a native English person, We do open a topic (if possible to a member) with bonjour, Ola! or whatever

but all other parts are done in English


Secondly ... the member posted "outside" links only ... what means a link who directs to content at a fileserver

BW has the possebility to upload upto 5 files into one post


So in fact sad to loose any member, afterall everyone is welcome, but they have to act as their fellow members


by the way : thanks for your reply :thumbup:

I see so many posts of this guy. Don't really think he reads the comments though :-(
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