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I guess that i´m lost,


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I guess so that you are lost ...


Its very easy ...

BW offers no commercial contributions added or made by members (unless they are made into the "donate" section and the uploads have a "watermark")

BW is a forum all about "broadcasting"

What you can do is ... Make your own thread where you add regular updates of what you are doing


Thats what people call a demo ... A demo can be DRY reads, a mix of different effects etc etc

At that moment fellow members can listen and make a selection of what they like the most


Be honest untill now I only heard promo's who don't offer any message to the visitors at BW, they can't be seen as a "contribution"

Making a contribution is sharing things (your voice, mixed elements or whatever) who can be used by fellow members


Be sure, We all do, Me also

Thats the main idea of Broadcastingworld.net ... its a community of broadcasters (amateurs, former professionals and professionals) who like to share their skills (by making a voice over) or to share some of their productions


If your posts are looking alright to the owner (James) of BW ... You can reach the status of a "sticky" post

That way fellow members are able to check your updates

But once again, use only specific content, such as made with your own DRY voice or own SFX elements

If so ... you can start allover at this section :


Give your post a name who can be easily recalled by members


remember : to each post you can upload a maximum of 5 files (mp3 or wav)


Good luck !


PS - Important : Introduce Yourself into the "Introduce" section

That way people gonna know you better as human being

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