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MARS Pirate station


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Whats that all about ?

Well ... if We all spend Our money for a trip to Mars ... We can start the first and only MARS Pirate station


Pitty ... during the first years its gonna be a non commercial project ... but who knows that into time We gonna earn LOTs of money :rolleyes: (PS : please let Us keep on dreaming)


Why all these details ... ??

Dear fellow members they found water at Mars !! (see quote)

NASA scientists say they have found indications of seasonal salt-water flows on Mars, a sign that water may exist in liquid form during the red planet's warmest seasons.

These results are the closest scientists have come to finding evidence of liquid water on the planet's surface. Frozen water, however has been detected near the surface of Mars.

source : CNN Breaking News 2011, 09, 4th


Maybe Arfa can help us out with some operational details about the best ways to setup this "first" and "only" pirate station (it does remind Me of something)


Subscribe Today to this unique opportunity

Payments can be made at the account of James :batman: ... LOL

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