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Voice over jingle


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Please do not laugh may B this has been requested previously.

Trying that English speaking origin to produce an effective voice over for one of Indian songs website.

Juss picked up regular listeners and i donn wanna bore them with jingle of my own language.Below are the keywords for the jingles.


I would prefer if someone twists the words with your great intros...


  • Welcome to 24x7 tamilmelisai.com
  • you are listening to broadcast from tamilmelisai.com
  • tamilmelisai.com- live 24x7 from australia
  • your no2 listening experience internet radio
  • broadcasting tamil isai from sydney
  • visit tamilmelisai.com for your experience.


Much appreciated...



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Oh my god that was real quick response!!

I have always been a regular member to watch out for posts that's relevant to me but then did not expect that quick response.

Thank you indeed for that..


to continue @Voxjunction:many thanks for that speed bullet post.. unfortunately it looks like am a baby to this forum so have to wait for little while to listen that magic voice u created... it says the following


To view attachments your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 2 posts.


I will see if this is gonna work after i send this thankful reply to you..

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@Voxjunction that was a fab piece of work.

Taken by surprise the word you have picked up "vanakkam" gosh your are on the ball dude!!

If you don't mind, i have slightly modified the piece. Let me know if you can create similar stuff like this.

Happy to donate. One request though the word tamilmelisai is one word.Your pronunciation is splitting "sai"


Thanks for your original piece you contributed - its simply superb


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Wow!!! now this is getting interesting.

@GKIye that was a great.it was definitely fab honestly!!!

Juss one request as you have missed out "melisai" instead of tamilisai.


Also i have attached my sample to show how the word tamilmelisai is pronounced as both of you guys pronounce it funny lol!!


No offense taken please.its interesting to see an English speaking person pronouncing different language.


I need the word "tamilmelisai" to read same as my demo file.

Try this if it is not working "tamilmelesey"



Thank you all!!


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If isn't allowed to request within a request (please pardon me)


But i'm requesting one :


I Just copied the lines from the first poster.



  • Welcome to MART Radio - (Mart pron like Hard)
  • your no1 listening experience radio on cable, air and on the internet
  • Cable 105.5, ether 107.9
  • broadcasting from Amsterdam The Netherlands
  • broadcasting from Surinam
  • With your host DJ......... Soulllllllll Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (soul dee) dee as in the air)
  • Just give it up for your Dj Spinning the wheel Mr...Soulllllllllllll Deeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Ladies and Gentlemen are you ready to Rumble.....Here is........ Hereeeeeeeee is.
  • The Man you all've been waiting for

Thanks in advance

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I just made an answer to an earlier post of you

PLEASE open your own request into the free section :


If isn't allowed to request within a request (please pardon me)

But i'm requesting one :

The Guidelines are for everyone the same ... so also to you !!!




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