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Gday members


We have the following jobs available..

I am getting to the point where its hard to mod the forums.

Moderators may apply for moderation of a forum




-In The Studio Category

We need 1 mod that will post often, post replys to support and be friendly, helpful and supportive to members wanting to know about audio equipment


-Shoutcast Streaming

We need 2 mods to give support to shoutcast users and to talk about shoutcast!


-Podcasting Discussion

We need a mod to help out people with podcasting and contribute mostly to talking about podcasts.


-Voiceovers & More

We need a VOICE PRO/mod to fill this position to moderate the voiceover section.



We need a mod to moderate the ad section from spam.


As i said.. if your already a mod, you may apply for one of these :)



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