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Broadcasting Setup


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- I have order'd a Art Pro VLA II.


I currently have...



- And a VT1B Preamp.

- Eurorack UB12204FX-PRO


So its connected like this


SM7B -> VT1B -> UB1204FX-PRO -> My Soundcard.


How shall i set this up with the comin' VLA II.


SM7B -> VT1B -> VLA II -> Soundcard.


Or do i even need to use my current preamp (VT1B) when i get the VLA II?



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Wow jOhan... didn't anyone answer your question?... I suspect you got your answer by now... I am getting this compressor in January 2012. I plan on hooking it up from my mixer, A&H Zed 12fx through the insert then back into the return.


I would expect that you ended up hooking it up SM7B -> VT1B -> VLA II -> Soundcard.


If I may and it may be till 2013 till I hear from you... :o) but how do you like your VLA II?


Hope things are going well in your camp.



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