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Summer or winter Pal Script


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Hi This one goes for the Dutch peeps but feel free to help.:)


I'm looking for a pal script that check if the date now is summertime or wintertime

Info about summer time:



I.E The news url starts now at 15:00 (summertime) but it should start at 14:00 (wintertime)



Since i'm using a script with an url wich starts at a news on time , i want to make sure that

when there is wintertime the news will started on time.


  • Zomertijd 2011:
    klok verzetten in de nacht van zaterdag 26 op zondag 27 maart
  • Wintertijd 2011:
    tijd wordt verzet in de nacht van zaterdag 29 op zondag 30 oktober

So the check will be like this.


If date is >sunday 27march and

go to label summertime else go to label wintertime



while (Now >= T['19:29:00']) and (Now





while (Now >= T['18:29:00']) and (Now



Hopes this helps.


Thanks for your input

(I'm learning):)



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