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Req Voice over Just like the one @...melisaiintro4.mp3


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I Just copied the lines from the first poster.


  • Welcome to MART Radio - (Mart pron like Hard)
  • your no1 listening experience radio on cable, air and on the internet
  • Cable 105.5, ether 107.9
  • broadcasting from Amsterdam The Netherlands
  • broadcasting from Surinam
  • With your host DJ......... Soulllllllll Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (soul dee) dee as in the air)
  • Just give it up for your Dj, Spinning the wheel Mr...Soulllllllllllll Deeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Ladies and Gentlemen are you ready to Rumble.....Here is........ Hereeeeeeeee is.
  • Soulllllllllllll Deeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • The Man you all've been waiting for
  • Soul Jam


Thanks in advance


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I didn't made that melisa file ... somebody else did

Editing a read with background music or SFX elements is called production, and that ain't something who is offered "with" the read (if done by the same member it ain't free anymore but paid work)

This is the free section, and you have to choose between a read or production


However other BW members can edit the reads to a produced file


By the way ... No I didn't made the full script : reason once again, this is the free section and in general one or two lines are allowed

if more content is provided, the voice-over gonna make only some "parts" of the script

or you have to post it into the paid section

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