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Mixing Desk And Sam Broadcaster


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hello all i have a Behringer XENYX X1222USB Mixing desk and iam curntley working of CD desks connectd to the desk, but i was wondering is there anyway i can play music of sam and use my mixing desk to control the faders on sam? are if even use my mic in my desk for sam so i can play music of sam and speak true mixer if anyone can help be very greatfull!!


thanks in advance


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Hello Danny,


This is the one you are talking about ?



First of all I'm not that technical, but I guess it should be a better idea to keep on using your CD decks

Or look for an all in mix system who can be connected to your pc (by USB or line in)


Following some ideas ...




or visit :




Numark can be a good choice ... They offer a lot for a lower price and they are sold in several audio stores


Using a mixer as you have makes from a dj something special ...

If I would be you ... I would use your current Behringer mixer with your microphone, CD decks

That way SAM can enter your mixer very easily ... to play for example nonstop music


However ... If I would choose, I should be looking for a BPM system

With that you can use both ... software and hardware

See for details : http://www.alcatech.com/html/

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