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Community radio liners


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Hey people i recently volunteered for a community radio station called

"life fm" as i am trying to get a bit of experience so that i can add

it to my cv for future jobs in radio....


I was on pirate radio for a long time but it doesnt really stand to you

when youre talking to legal stations.


I am into the production of voiceovers and imaging but i dont have the

dry samples from the station yet as the production person is on hols so

i was wondering if someone could read the lines below if they get a chance

so that i could produce a few ideas i have already but need drys for....


Thank you to anyone who has a go, i really do appreciate your time and effort.


Thanks lads and ladies...




Here are the liners:


This is life fm


You are listening to life fm


Text +353 86 7200931 to get in touch with life fm


Life Fm 93.1


Life FM, shining the light over cork...

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Thank you very much to the people that did these voices for me, they are very good and will definitely be used.

If any of you need to get drys produced for anything please do ask me and i will be more than happy to add fx.

I thank you all very much for taking the time and effort to voice my request and hope i get to work with you all in the future.

Fairly new to this site but trying to post on a few of the forum posts to involve myself as radio

and production is a big interest of mine.


Thank you.




Nice little ending too mr gk haha


boom media logo 2.jpg

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