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Hello From Berkeley Springs West Virginia


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Hey there! My name is Dan, I have been fascinated with radio broadcasting and SW radio,CB,DXing, you name it, for along time now. It wasnt untill recently I was given the opportunity to be a radio DJ for a country music station online. I have immagined my self being on the radio for along time but It seems Ive been caught with my pants down.


I cant seem to some up with a name for my self ( as odd as it may sound) and also the whole personallity thing just trying to pin point that. I guess those are my main questions or regards I have on my mind. If anyone has any suggestions or pointers that would be really great.







www.soundcloud.com/unkoolscam (My music)


http://www.troubadourlounge.com (The radio station,Click on the little radio at the top of the page)

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