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ROCKHOST.COM $100 Fantasy Football Credit


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“Are you ready for some footbaaaaaaaalll?!” - Hank Williams, Jr.


So, you want a shot at glory? The sweet taste of victory? No? How about a $100 credit towards a new ROCKHOST.COM account? Aaahhhhhh, now I have your attention. Yes sir, this season will be the first annual ROCKHOST.COM ESPN Fantasy Football draft and yours truly is footing the bill. That is unless, of course, I win! :^) Entry is free, but limited. So, if you’ve got the gumption please PM me or reply to this thread. If not, well, don’t. It’s all in fun.


I’m still hashing out the details but am considering a ten team auction league with several tweaks from the standard scoring system. The draft will be held on an evening soon as the first game of the NFL season is on Thursday, September 8th (New Orleans @ Green Bay).




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