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Ajax shoutcast dashboard


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Been playing around with a couple of ajax scripts this afternoon and this is what I've come up with





Users can move the modules around, rename them or change the border colours


If anyone can think of anything else they would like to see added let me know and I'll share the code once it's fully finished.

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James, the graph one is actually a standalone script, wedged into the ajax boxes with an ajax refresh in my screenshot.


Here's the original graph script, simpler with a meta refresh.


You need RRDTools installed on your server and you need to call update.php via a cron job (or the graphs won't update) I've got mine set to update every 60 seconds (The install.txt gives an example of every 5 minutes)


You'll also need to edit config.ini and servers.ini


If it doesn't work, either you haven't set the permissions on the RRD and GFX directories correctly, or the path to RRD isn't correct in the config.ini (mine was fine as the default)


This isn't my script, but I hunted high and low for a solution and eventually found this. If anyone knows of a better (free) graphing script please let me know!


I'll get the full script sorted hopefully this weekend as I'll have to go through and remove some customisations I've made (eg we have a backup stream with the AIM box saying 'backup' so that alternate text displays in the top right box.


I'm afraid it isn't going to be a neat solution and you will have to manually add boxes etc..... but I'll make sure it's all documented so shouldn't cause too many headaches


In the meantime, enjoy creating graphs!


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