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Volunteer News Readers

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I am looking for volunteer newsreaders to provide regular 60 second news bulletins for 3 internet radio stations based in the UK. The copy for the bulletins will be provided, all you need to do is voice the audio. We are currently trying to secure funds to pay a newsreader so in the future this might turn into a paid job.


For further information please email simon@thisispower.co.uk


Kind regards,

Simon Cook

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Available each Friday evening, for one month in three, to oversee the weekly recordings, using a six microphone plus two auxilary input mixing console with tape and CD input decks and recording tape deck to produce the master tape. Sound level control, continuity and audiability are the aims. Also to supervise the checking and editing of the tape before and during the duplicating process on a bank of copying machines to produce approximately 120 tapes. Time commitment is four hours on a Friday evening. (6.30-10.30). Training will be provided.


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simon did you ever sort out a news service? I think the only realistic way of this happening is to run a sort of syndicate among a large group of internet stations, for example I have 2 stations, you have 3, if it there was around 40 stations taking the news any costs could be brought down and the newsreader would only have to upload an mp3 to a single server for everyone to download it.

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