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ESP Custom Radio Creator (Beta)

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ESP (Enhanced ShoutCast Player) is an application for DJ's and broadcasters on the ShoutCast network.


ESP enables broadcasters to configure and brand their own Desktop player for the Windows PC platform (all versions inc Vista). Once configured and branded, the player can be compiled into it's own exe. The player.exe requires no installation and can run from any location on a PC including Flash Drives/Data Sticks. Listeners can be encouraged to download the player directly onto their desktop and with no installation, the player can easily be got rid of by merely deleting it.


ESP aims to assist the broadcaster in cementing their ShoutCast listenership into a viable and active community and, as a result, promote greater listener loyalty.


ESP is exceptionally easy to use and you should be able to produce your own dedicated player in just a few minutes. Full instructions are included in the READ ME file contained within the zip package.


Please be assured, there is no adware, spyware or other nasty surprises in this project. It is my intention to release ESP as Freeware to ad-free broadcasters and charge a small licence fee to commercial operators.


http://downloads.remlapsoftware.com/ESPbeta.zip (3.80Mb)

Win (98/2000/XP/Vista)


Please remember that while this version is fully working and stable, it is far from finished and the interface within the Configuration program is only temporary. I am particularly interested in discovering how easy you found the procedure of building your own player? Were the instructions clear? Were there any areas you found confusing etc.?


Many thanks for trying out ESP.



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Although it's not included in this current beta, the Billboard Information feature can be seen in a dedicated player I wrote for an excellent House Music station called Raunchy Rhythms.


As always - no adware - no spyware - no junk


http://downloads.remlapsoftware.com/Rau ... ayer11.exe (1.44Mb)


The Billboard Information is controlled by a separate script on the broadcaster's server, so they can easily make changes to the content as often as they want.


Another module I am currently working on for ESP has a working title of AdBurst. This is a feature mainly for use by commercial ads-in-stream stations. AdBurst can be setup to look for specific ads in the meta-tags (configured by broadcaster) and then automatically display a visual banner for that advertiser, with link, for the duration of the streamed ad. A great advantage to advertiser and broadcaster alike as the listener does not have to remember a spoken website address, they merely have to click the link for further information.


Of course, non-commercial uses of this feature could include, Artist of the Week type features etc.


Anyway, I though I'd share that with ya and I'd be interested in any thoughts you may have?



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ESP Custom Player Creator (Beta 0.925) can be downloaded from...


http://downloads.remlapsoftware.com/ESPbeta.zip (3.80 Mb)


This version includes the Information Billboard feature.

I have rewritten the Find MP3's Uploaded by Current Artist feature.

Numerous bug fixes.


Full instructions are contained in READ ME.txt which can be found in the zip file.


A demo radio player, created with this version can be downloaded from...

http://downloads.remlapsoftware.com/RadioPlayerBeta925.exe (3.04 Mb)


Have fun




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