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Somewhere at BW there is a post made by the people who own RadioDJ

RadioDJ is an open source software and to my knowledge, so far the 0.1.3740 version is stable (and complete !)

This software is also able to recognize .dll plugins (DSP plugins) and can be used with an encoder (for example added to a DSP plugin > MuchFX or similar)

I have at my favorites this link available where you can download RadioDJ (including a DSP encoder)

(link is safe - don't worry)

Visit and listen @ BW !



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ok cheers I downloaded it and installed, but .dll plugins? you lost me there. Currently with VDJ, i log onto Citrus3, stop the auto dj feature there and then start broadcasting from virtual dj. Does Radiodj work in similar way? (because I saw it has auto dj which confused the hell out of me!)
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