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Leafpile Broadcasting Has A New Station Open And We're Looking For Airstaff


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So we have opened a new net-based station (for now till listenership shows then we make the move to FM) called F-150 Country. We are currently looking for airstaff to fill time slots. All positions are voluntary until we can get advertising sold and bring in a profit, so eventually our air-staff will make money.


We are also accepting syndicated programming as well.


What we ask:


- Presenters must be 18+


- Presenters must have a professional attitude and run there show's as such.


- This is a commercial station so you must be able to run commercials and jingles at specified times during your air-shift.


- Presenters must check in 10-15 minutes prior to air-shift and initial time of broadcast.


- Presenters must be able to answer phone calls on a dedicated VoIP based telephone system (provided).


- Presenters are allowed their own personal endorsements from viable corporations (There is a 70-30 split, house takes 30%)


- Presenters must have a Broadcast quality microphone or equivalent headset. (Mixers and XLR mics are preferred but we're not going to be to picky.)


This is a family oriented radio station. Cursing on air is strictly prohibited. We run on a 3 strike rule. 1st strike entails a sit down, 2nd strike entails a 1 week suspension, 3rd strike is total termination without possibility of re-employment.


We are located in Seattle WA, so all times will run Pacific Standard/Daylight time.


So if you feel you are right for this position. Please leave a comment with your name, email, and age (we will be verifying due to legalities.)


Send your air-check to joshua.mcmurchie@leafpilebroadcasting.com


Hope to hear from you soon!

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