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MP3 to AAC+ with backup relay?

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At the moment, we have two streams, one MP3 and one AAC, both using Shoutcast 1.9.8 (Could never get v2 working!)

In addition to this we have two studio PCs streaming to these, in different locations

PC1 is the main studio PC, streaming normally

PC2 is the backup studio PC, which can only connect if no source is connected (eg PC1 has gone down or lost it's net connection)


Now, for some reason, if the backup stream is running (eg PC2 is connected to the stream) and PC1 comes back online, the user at PC1 can kick the source of the MP3 stream and allow the main studio PC to start streaming again.


What he can't do, is kick the AAC stream. It appears to kick sucessfully, but doesn't allow him to connect, and PC2 continues streaming only on the AAC stream.


I am at PC2, I can kick both sources, so it definitely isn't an issue with Edcast (which BTW is streaming both streams on both PCs)




Is there a simple solution to this? Is there a way for both PCs only to have 1 stream, the shoutcast server then transcodes the MP3 stream to AAC (So the AAC stream is AAC format and a relay of the MP3 stream? - hope this makes sense)


I've seen a way of getting a relay to only kick in if no source is connected, but that involves 3 streams , shoutcast > icecast >shoutcast


Haven't ever looked at Icecast really, but it seems a lot less user friendly than shoutcast,


As you can probably tell, I'm extremely confused, so any help is appreciated!


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1- AAC / AAC+ streams can be kicked in the exact same way as MP3 streams. There is no reason that you can't connect after kicking, except for the timing, which is only 5 seconds or less.


2- You can transcode from your main stream to AAC / AAC+ with a transcoder. Check out StreamTranscoderV3 or one of the stream hosts that offer transcoding servers. Most don't, as it is very CPU intensive and really beats up the server. We are one of the few that offers it.


3- Most people don't use Icecast, as it is a little user unfriendly, as you say.

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1)Yes, that's what's odd, I can kick the AAC stream (PC2) the user at PC1 can't. However, PC1 has a reconnect time of 5 seconds (we want to give that PC the best chance of reconnecting in case it is a temporary network problem) If I increase the reconnect time to 10 seconds (this means a higher chance of PC2 starting streaming, but if it solves the issue I'm happy) do you think this will work? Currently PC2 is set to reconnect every 90 seconds on both streams

2)I have a VPS that has lots of spare capacity and is quite under utilised and only hosting 3 streams so I'm certain it can handle it, I see there is a linux version so will definitely check that out

3)Cheers! If I was running the station from one localtion, I might consider Icecast, but as that's not the case, I'll sack that idea off completely!


Thanks for putting me on to the stream transcoder, I'll check that out tomorrow

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Well with no Windows boxes in the house (and no self respecting host uses Windows for a web server) that's that out of the equation then.


Dear SteamTranscoders, please provide a port to *nix


i'll have to find another workaround as my client doesn't have the budget to pay for a third party solution, also it would be something outside of our control which is also not acceptable.


Thanks anyway

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